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We are a team of bitcoin enthusiasts. Inspired by the blockchain decentralised technology, we dedicate our efforts to growing the popularity and usability of cryptocurrency trying to make the transactions simple, safe and hassle free. We started our service in late 2014 and now have customers from 150+ countries all over the world.

Solution for bitcoin lovers

One of the biggest problems bitcoin lovers face is the limited number of ways of spending bitcoin. One possible way to resolve this, as we see it, is further merging the bitcoin infrastructure with the traditional financial one.

Our customers who have savings or earnings in bitcoin can spend them literally anywhere and on everything using our E-Coin card – the easiest way to convert crypto into fiat currency and to spend bitcoin through global Visa infrastructure. The beauty of this solution compared to the one offered by bitcoin merchants is that instead of convincing businesses to accept bitcoins, we provide bitcoin lovers with the opportunity to spend bitcoin within traditional finance infrastructure.

In addition to the traditional plastic USD/EUR/GBP Visa cards that are already out and being used by multiple clients all over the world, we have now released virtual bitcoin debit cards to be used for online payments globally.

E-Coin team

Our team consists of investments banking software gurus, Cass MBA graduates with rigorous finance and sales experience as well as a marketing director from GetTaxi. We believe that with such a team we can make a notable contribution to the bitcoin community, and this belief is based not only on our perceptions but also on positive feedback we receive from our customers every day.

Pavel Matveev


IT professional with extensive experience in software and banking industries.
Since 2004, worked as developer, solutions architect and led developer teams for Russian and international IT companies.
In 2011 moved to the UK and worked on high level IT projects with Barclays Capital, Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, etc.
In 2014 together with partners co-founded E-Coin, taking 4 months from inception to ready working platform.
MSc in Computer Science

Dmitry Lazarichev


Seasoned professional in finance, company valuation, consulting and serial entrepreneur.
From 2005 worked with Solid, one of the large investment and finance groups in Russia, managing valuations and leading the company’s entry into consulting services market.
In 2012 moved to the UK and founded Peltrade Ltd – the first importer of wood biomass from Russia to the UK, reaching £1M revenue in the first year.
In 2014 together with partners co-founded E-Coin, taking 4 months from inception to ready working platform.
Executive MBA degree from Cass Business School in London (UK), Bachelor of Economics and Management and Financial Markets Professional certificate.

Georgy Sokolov


Sales and business development professional with vast international background.
Gained his first international work experience while at university, working in adventure tourism industry in the USA and Europe.
In 2002 co-founded an accounting software company in Russia, making it profitable within months of starting up.
Since 2006 has worked in sales with the largest Russian cargo airline Volga-Dnepr and moving to the UK to head the European office in 2010. Worked with customers and developed new business virtually in every part of the world, reaching substantial results, such as 40% of the overall profit for the billion-dollar airline in 2013.
In 2014 joined the founding team of E-Coin.
Executive MBA from Cass Business School in London (UK) and bachelor in Information Systems in Economics.
Keen traveler, mountain climber, yoga lover and sports addict.

Tim Frost

VP of Marketing and Business Development

An entrepreneur, economist, marketer, bitcoin, and blockchain advocate.
Has worked in business development and marketing roles for some of the most prominent projects in the blockchain industry over the last 2 years.  
Specialises in user acquisition and catering marketing plans for diverse crowds. Experienced growth hacker and experienced creating and executing marketing plans.
Has been involved in several startups in the technology sector since 2013.
Holds a BA in Economics and is currently pursuing an eMBA.

If you are interested in having more information about our team please feel free to contact us.
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